Monday, May 7, 2012

My First TCAF Experience & Swag

Amazing necklace made by Ginette Lapalme. I've had my heart on this illu for a long time. Sexy tent.

E.T sticker by Ginette Lapalme

Ginette Lapalme tiny zine


My print of Mrs. Doubtfire by Mike Mitchell, one of my favourite illustrators going right now. I was so surprised to see his stuff at TCAF. I most definitely embarrassed myself by how happy I was to see his work.

He asked if I wanted him to draw me something on the back of his postcard and I think my response was "OHMYGAWDYESOFCOURSEILOVEYOUHAVEMYBABIES"

The most delicate book I own now. Illustrated by my friend Selena Wong, this is the most detailed, stunning and romantic case study on rabbits ever. Ugh. I love it.  Go buy it.


This caught my eye at the fair because of the obvious (my city ya'lls) but looking inside I knew I had to buy it. I work on Queen Street West and live near Sherbourne, riddled with tons of shelters. This book shows the areas of interest of each "character" and showcases their personality and traits in a funny way. Although a bit crass (calling one the "Retarded Crackhead", it is a great collection of actual Torontonians.

He personalized it! This had to be my favourite part of coming to TCAF, interacting with artists and getting something direct from the artist rather than through an intermediary.

inside, my favourite, Zanta. 

Pencil from Jim Mezei, a really nice friendly tall blonde lad who loves to draw outdoorsy boy stuffs. 

Zine from my LFF (little friend forever. Seriously guys she is 4'10) Lisa Vanin. She is really talented, funny, and deep.


TCAF totally inspired me to hike up my britches and WERK. I really want to be apart of TCAF 2013 and I have a comic in my brain that needs to be put on paper.

Love yous.

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