Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing Mark Clennon

Hi friends,
The past long weekend in Toronto was beyond beautiful. I spent most of it outdoors in parks, beaches, and markets.
I was asked by my friend Mark Anthony Clennon to draw some simple text (specifically, his lyrics) on his body for an upcoming photo shoot for his album release.
It was a pleasure and Mark is one of the cutest/ nicest/ funniest people I know. He is super talented and sings like an angel.
The task was simple; my handwriting in lowercase, uppercase, and handwriting. The outcome looked like faint tattoos. I used a Faber-Castell felt tip pen in black.

My curly hair and claw-like hand drawing on Mark

The shoot took place all over Queen Street East, Mark's neighborhood. This is below the Broadview Bridge.

Photos by Nico Stinghe 
Listen to Mark's music here

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