Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is Cutie Cream and she wants to wish you a Happy August! I work at an animation studio (settle down, I am just answering the phones) but I really am getting into the idea of animating. Baby steps. Ice cream steps… 
What do you guys think?
xox Alex

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hand painted birch coasters

Hey y'alls.
This weekend I decided to be a semi-good niece and give my awesome Uncle hand painted birch coasters. I had the birch pieces sawed for me years ago and have been waiting for the right opportunity- and person- to use them. My Uncle's birthday was in April.
My Uncle is really into Muskoka / outdoors/ native art/ my crappy art, so lo and behold - AWESOME CRAPPY COASTERS!!

Hope you like them, I loved painting them.

Happy Canada Day/ Fourth of July Dudes!!!!!

xox Alex

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Buddddddddddddies (Pauly Shore for those born 1992+)

I am doing a series of "DarkCards" for the website The Impersonals  .
"Like" my page on Facebook so you can get updated cards ASAP.

Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ghost Shoes

Hey friends!
I recently had to fill some space in my living room and threw this Ghost Shoe pair together.

They are friendly ghosts who remind us all that a little foot pain is worth the look.

xox Alex

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing Mark Clennon

Hi friends,
The past long weekend in Toronto was beyond beautiful. I spent most of it outdoors in parks, beaches, and markets.
I was asked by my friend Mark Anthony Clennon to draw some simple text (specifically, his lyrics) on his body for an upcoming photo shoot for his album release.
It was a pleasure and Mark is one of the cutest/ nicest/ funniest people I know. He is super talented and sings like an angel.
The task was simple; my handwriting in lowercase, uppercase, and handwriting. The outcome looked like faint tattoos. I used a Faber-Castell felt tip pen in black.

My curly hair and claw-like hand drawing on Mark

The shoot took place all over Queen Street East, Mark's neighborhood. This is below the Broadview Bridge.

Photos by Nico Stinghe 
Listen to Mark's music here

Monday, May 7, 2012

My First TCAF Experience & Swag

Amazing necklace made by Ginette Lapalme. I've had my heart on this illu for a long time. Sexy tent.

E.T sticker by Ginette Lapalme

Ginette Lapalme tiny zine


My print of Mrs. Doubtfire by Mike Mitchell, one of my favourite illustrators going right now. I was so surprised to see his stuff at TCAF. I most definitely embarrassed myself by how happy I was to see his work.

He asked if I wanted him to draw me something on the back of his postcard and I think my response was "OHMYGAWDYESOFCOURSEILOVEYOUHAVEMYBABIES"

The most delicate book I own now. Illustrated by my friend Selena Wong, this is the most detailed, stunning and romantic case study on rabbits ever. Ugh. I love it.  Go buy it.


This caught my eye at the fair because of the obvious (my city ya'lls) but looking inside I knew I had to buy it. I work on Queen Street West and live near Sherbourne, riddled with tons of shelters. This book shows the areas of interest of each "character" and showcases their personality and traits in a funny way. Although a bit crass (calling one the "Retarded Crackhead", it is a great collection of actual Torontonians.

He personalized it! This had to be my favourite part of coming to TCAF, interacting with artists and getting something direct from the artist rather than through an intermediary.

inside, my favourite, Zanta. 

Pencil from Jim Mezei, a really nice friendly tall blonde lad who loves to draw outdoorsy boy stuffs. 

Zine from my LFF (little friend forever. Seriously guys she is 4'10) Lisa Vanin. She is really talented, funny, and deep.


TCAF totally inspired me to hike up my britches and WERK. I really want to be apart of TCAF 2013 and I have a comic in my brain that needs to be put on paper.

Love yous.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nicole Byblow Buttons! NBB!

Hey everyone!
Better late than never, here I present to you some buttons I designed and illustrated for my pal Nicole who is a skilled pianist, singer, and songwriter.
She recently went on tour and asked me to help design some simple merch flare and this is what I created for her. I wanted to reflect her style, and what came to mind was her iconic hairstyle, (she is meticulous with trimmings) piano keys, and that lone red balloon from her album cover Nicole Byblow Plays All the White Keys. 

Check out her website here and her videos are available on YouTube here 

Thanks for letting me help Nicole, keep on keeping on!

xo Alex

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in print

I love ya Russell!! Thanks for the links and shout outs. You know I am always down to draw something for your mixes. Check them out, they always seems to sum up the season perfectly.

Friday, March 30, 2012

flower crowns

Hi everybody,
I just finished this illustration for Russell Gibbs Design for a Spring Mix concept. This spring is all about oxfords, floral crowns, and long long long hair. Also, cats.
xox Alex

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Show

Hello my precious!!!

It's been so long! Am I the only one who feels blogger is tumblr's old decrepit Polish neighbor nowadays? Perhaps. I've been tumblring a lot lately (with lots of boring information, nothing good, trust me on this one) and I feel now is the time to sit at the table and WORK. UPLOAD. BLOGSPOT. All that great stuff.
Now, on to our top story.
I will be participating in a Valentine's Day Art Show this February 7th at Sadie's Diner.
There is a facebook event for it here and you should come! Bring your friends!!! Bring your chequebooks!!!

Love you all. It's so good to be back.
xoxo Alex