Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer in the city

Hi friends,
Exciting news! I had two images of mine chosen for American Illustration 28! I'm pretty excited because I get to go to New York again in November, and from the sounds of it I am not alone!
Last year I went with my boyfriend and I was extremely nervous and shy, I felt so small compared to the Illustration greats and important art directors. This year, a lot of my fellow students also have been chosen for the website (and one Adrian Forrow was selected for the book, congrats!) so I think the party will be well represented by OCAD.

Here are the two images chosen...



I'm still trying to wrap up my thesis pieces for the 94th Annual Graduation Exhibit at OCAD May 7 - 10. SO STRESSFUL but I am really excited to start working!!!  We are also putting together a website of all of the thesis pieces. It may not be up now but check back in one week... www.ocadillustration.com 


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I updated the website, check it out friends!