Monday, July 18, 2011

New illustration! OUT NOW

It's been an incredible one in Toronto. Given we have 13 months of snow and wind, we now have had 214 days (or so it feels) of brilliant hot sunshine.
Here is my little spot for the current issue of Cottage Life magazine. I was asked to do an illustration for their Q & A section regarding a reader's current state of their blueberry bush; why each year less and less blueberries were present. My art director loved my animals and asked we focus on animals being the culprit. I had the idea of using raccoons (being they are sneaky and adorable) stealthily sneaking berries, being little bandits with their masks. We went back and forth with several ideas and this is the final.
I am generally pleased, and I was so happy to work with such a nice art director. Thanks Quinn!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Recently I have been LUSTING over dying my hair something different. I have been highlighting my hair since I was fifteen. My sister had straight blonde hair and would always dye it different colours. I was so jealous. I would try to bring up the subject of another colour but was slapped with "Don't touch your hair! It's so curly and gorgeous! It's beautiful!!!!!!!" from nearly everyone.
Today, I am a full-fledged adult. I can make my own decisions, go to Shoppers Drugmart and buy "wacky" hair dye, and make some regrettable mistakes the hard way. However, I am still tugged back with that fear of ruining what I have going on. Life is so hard, right?

I decided to test out some of my favourite lusts-of-the-moment on some pretty femmes.