Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I don't do much collage anymore but I really enjoyed it in High School. I'm planning a comeback. Eventually.


Women are glamorous.

Women are magical.

Gum wrappers, chewing gum, stencils and chopstick paper.

Making out is like CPR at the first grade level.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Outgrowing childhood and the alphabet, apparantly. Words are silly.


A portrait of Gary Taxali. Yes, he saw this and graded it. It is non fan-art. Not to say he isn't worth fan-art... but uh...

Her love bits.

A portrait of Paris Hilton. I should have added more attention to the wonk eye.
Rock is best.
The biggest cock in town(ugh I hate sexual innuendoes)
A mish mash of things.
This guy is all about diamonds and sweats.
Vampires only wear forest green denim.

Ballpoint Pen

This was a sketch for Paul Dallas's class for a Fear Article. I chose the fear of female proctologists.
This is a feisty little non chalant unicorn.

This guy. Oh this guy.

This was during class when my mouth tasted something nasty.
Little baby cigarettes sometimes get too hot.

This is a graphicorn.

This baby is gorgeous. And intoxicated.