Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nicole Byblow Buttons! NBB!

Hey everyone!
Better late than never, here I present to you some buttons I designed and illustrated for my pal Nicole who is a skilled pianist, singer, and songwriter.
She recently went on tour and asked me to help design some simple merch flare and this is what I created for her. I wanted to reflect her style, and what came to mind was her iconic hairstyle, (she is meticulous with trimmings) piano keys, and that lone red balloon from her album cover Nicole Byblow Plays All the White Keys. 

Check out her website here and her videos are available on YouTube here 

Thanks for letting me help Nicole, keep on keeping on!

xo Alex

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in print

I love ya Russell!! Thanks for the links and shout outs. You know I am always down to draw something for your mixes. Check them out, they always seems to sum up the season perfectly.