Monday, September 14, 2009

Studio aka my bedroom

My ceramic cute-things in my bathroom.

Hi everybody, I have been living in Toronto for five years in the same place. It is a three-story townhouse in the St. Lawrence Market area (gorgeous, quaint, close to transit and still relatively 'downtown') and I have lived in every room of this three-bedroom, three-story townhouse. I am now living on the top floor, where I have a private bathroom and entrance to the upstairs terrace. This is where I will be living for the next 2+ years (rent is cheap... and I owe lots!) so I decided to make this my home as much as possible. I've been trying to paint pieces to put on my walls (I really don't like to decorate with my own artwork.... but I am trying to live with it) and also to keep drawing... like a fiend!
Anyblabberingaboutnothing..... here are some photos for me to share of my room...

Edel Rodriguez. He. Is. Hot.

Wood courtesy of the OCAD Wood Shop Trash Pile.

EDDIE! Also, an octowl, given to me by a friend.

I got these little frames in Kensington Market for very cheap. I filled them with models from Vogue.

Two portraits obviously done by myself (looks down in shame) and my Russian nesting dolls.
I am trying to trade one painting for one of Ginette Lapalmes...

My inspiration board. Lots of pink, white, and blue.

My Michael DeForge print! Hanging in my bathroom where it matches my towels.

And lastly, my Patrick Kyle print. We went to school together and he is going to be famous.