Thursday, May 13, 2010


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When I went to Florida, I went with my older sister and my parents. The entire trip we begged our Dad to take us to the Goodwill; everytime we'd pass it we'd get all riled up.
When we did eventually go, it was a big let down: everything was really picked over. A lot of Diaper Genies, clothes from 2000, and just general "blahness". But I did find this book, a true gem. I had never heard of Brian Wildsmith before, but his LSD-psychedelic style illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. Totally inspired.
And, for only 60 cents.

Look at this tiger! Shazaaam! And I got to pen my name into the ownership hot air balloon. Score 1 for me.

an elephant wearing watches on his trunk in space. Of course!


Such a great find, beautiful artwork, gorgeous animals, and lots and lots of colour and fanciness.

xoxo Alex

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fernchouxcreme said...

the professor noah's spaceship one with the tiger is awesome!