Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La La La

Hello friends!
Here is something to sink your teeth into...
My pal and ginger-friend Russell Gibbs is the proud papa of these new online music mixes, released at the end of every month, on his blog www.llessurdotca.tumblr.com .
He asked me to create something special for his third installment and here it be!

They are super foxy, non? Three lovely foxes ready for a day of sunbathing at the beach. I got my inspiration from Raphael's "The Three Graces"

The mixes are awesome and totally got me moving during this unpredictably horrible/amazingly beautiful month of March... looking forward to April!


Oh and stay tuned for more exciting drawn out newz !


Katherine said...

Dare I say, I think your better might just be better? According to my tastes, anyhow!

alex davey said...

Thanks Kat!