Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi all,
There is something that I really love in life and appreciate to no end: homemade birthday cards. Actually, scratch that, homemade greeting cards. Christmas, birthday, festivus, or Valentine's Day, I'd rather get something made from a friend than bought (well... there are always some exceptions... )
Anyways here is a Birthday card I made for a friend that I thought I'd share. Not just because I think it is adorable, but because my friend introduced me to the coolest rap group on this planet right now: Die Antwoord (The Answer)
They are from South Africa. They live with their parents and grandparents. They are considered trailer trash. They have amazing stage-names, a well designed website, and wicked music videos. I am in love, to say the least. I have watched their video Zef Side everyday.
Anways my friend has a no-secret crush on Yo-Landi and I thought she should wish him a Happy Birthday on paper.

Watch the video Zef Side. You won't regret it.

xoxo Alex VI$$ER

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