Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Recently I have been LUSTING over dying my hair something different. I have been highlighting my hair since I was fifteen. My sister had straight blonde hair and would always dye it different colours. I was so jealous. I would try to bring up the subject of another colour but was slapped with "Don't touch your hair! It's so curly and gorgeous! It's beautiful!!!!!!!" from nearly everyone.
Today, I am a full-fledged adult. I can make my own decisions, go to Shoppers Drugmart and buy "wacky" hair dye, and make some regrettable mistakes the hard way. However, I am still tugged back with that fear of ruining what I have going on. Life is so hard, right?

I decided to test out some of my favourite lusts-of-the-moment on some pretty femmes.

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The Mayor said...

Don't do yellow!! I did it once and I looked like I was sick with radiation poisoning. I would do lavender with you, and I also want to mix bubblegum pink and orange together and do that. let's do it! Let's get out some kool-aid and do our hair!!